The United States trademark law as stated in the Lanham Act allows a non-owner of a registered trademark to make "fair use" of it without permission. Fair use includes using a logo in editorial content, among other situations.

The information (price, 24-hour percent change, team logo, scores, and information) displayed by GLANCE is used to educate the user's selection. A company's or Sports team logo is used to help the investor/sports fan better identify the Companies/Sports team they wish to follow.

Passive Income Consulting, LLC is in NO WAY OR FORM affiliated with any of the companies or sports team's/sport leagues/information that is shown by GLANCE.

Please contact if you would like your asset and logo removed from our database.  

By purchasing GLANCE or visiting our web control panel you are agreeing that you have read this portion of the agreement and understand that Passive Income Consulting, LLC and GLANCE are not affiliated with any of the companies or Sports Teams/Leagues/information displayed GLANCE.


GLANCE LED ticker that shows live sports scores and updates (the "Product") includes team logos solely for the purpose of displaying the live scores and updates of the respective teams. We respect the intellectual property rights of the teams and leagues whose logos we use on the Product.

If any team or league believes that their logo has been used on the Product in a way that infringes their intellectual property rights, they may contact us at to request the removal of the logo.

We reserve the right to remove any team logo from GLANCE at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to a request from the respective team or league, or if we believe that the use of the logo could infringe any intellectual property rights.

All team logos displayed on the Product are the property of their respective owners and are protected under United States trademark law. The display of any team logos on GLANCE-LED does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship by the respective teams or leagues.

Any unauthorized use of team logos or any other intellectual property owned by the respective teams or leagues is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.